1st workshop / PACT Zollverein, Essen: January 24th to 31st 2010

2nd workshop / CENTQUATRE, Paris: March 29th to April 4th 2010
Public presentations: Saturday April 3rd, 1pm - 7pm, free
Portes ouvertes : Samedi 3 avril, 13h - 19h, gratuit >>

3rd workshop / ¨cˇu'm„a*, Istanbul: October 3rd to 10th
Public presentations: Saturday October 9



If anyone is interested to read about collaborations, here is an interesting text from Florian Schneider: Collaboration: The Dark Site of the Multitude, it also connects to Stephan's topic about the dark side. It seems like the right place to ask - What is the dark side of AGORA 2010 / Feldstaerke instrenational? - Enjoy, Uri.

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